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The soft, subtle colours of the Australian landscape are the inspiration for the traditional style of painting for which Gerard Mutsaers is renowned.

“Nothing sets my senses tingling more than the streaming light and shadows coming towards me, through the gums at first light on a frosty morning; or the ocean spray as it forms a fine mist over the coastline on a late summer afternoon.”

Born in Holland in 1947, Gerard migrated to Australia with his parents in 1952, at the age of five. Even at an early age Gerard showed an instinctive desire to draw. He left school at nineteen and became a photo-engraver. Throughout these years he continued to improve on his natural talent for capturing the beauty of the Australian landscape. His early works were exhibited in local and regional art shows, and helped to establish his career. Primarily a self taught artist, Gerard has developed a unique style of his own.

Portraying the beauty of the Australian landscape, Gerard’s first one man exhibition was held in 1974. Since then he has held twenty exhibitions throughout Australia, and two of Gerard’s landscape paintings were presented to Prince Charles on a visit to Australia in 1984.

Gerard has paintings on show in major interstate galleries throughout Australia. He also has the distinction of having his works on display in various collections throughout the world, including USA, Japan, Canada, Holland, England, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Many Australian and overseas companies have purchased major works to display in their boardrooms. Amongst these companies are the Insurance Council of Austrasia, Westpac Corporation, Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, and BHP Australia.