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Silk Framing Instructions

1. Fomecore is a common picture framing material that is used worldwide. Cut the fomecore backing to the size that fits your selected frame.

2. Iron the silk on the reverse side. The reverse side is the one without the raised gold image. Due to the paint, the silk will probably take a heat above the 'silk' setting on your iron. Test the iron on the corner of the silk before proceeding.

3. For the best results start the ironing on a 'silk' setting and gradualy increase the heat if any creases remain. If the iron starts to stick to the silk, remove it immediately. Check the setting of the iron and check which side of the silk you are ironing.

4. The silk is now stretched over the fomecore backing. Ensure that the gold borders are relatively parallel with the side of the fomecore. The edges of the silk are taped to the back of the fomecore.

5. Place the fomecore in the frame with the glass, exactly the same way you would frame any print or limited edition.